Barcelona Weed Clubs Guide

All about cannabis in the Catalan capital

Barcelona becomes a new popular destination when it comes to 420 cannabis tourism. Yes, it’s even called to be a “New Amsterdam” because of the fact that consumption of marijuana is permitted here, yet, not everywhere.

So, for tourists, it’s a place to visit on the weed tour. And here we are to tell you more about the Spanish cannabis laws, rules of local cannabis cafes, ways to get a membership of a weed club in Barcelona, useful tips to prepare you for your first visit, and many more.

Weed in Spain: legal or not?

In a nutshell, according to Spanish laws:

  • It is forbidden to sell/buy marijuana/weed products;
  • It’s eligible to join a cannabis club and consume weed within its walls
  • It is prohibited to store/possess cannabis;
  • It is banned to consume cannabis in open view/publicly accessible areas, but it’s allowed to consume cannabis privately and grow two plants at home.

Barcelona weed clubs: FAQ

Let’s find out more about weed clubs in Barcelona! Below we outlined the most frequent questions about the establishments and their basic rules to make your weed tour safe and legal.

What is cannabis club?

Also known as Cannabis Social Clubs, it’s recreational, member-only, and non-profit organizations, where marijuana is grown with members’ donations.

Why join cannabis clubs?

Being closed organizations, only members of the cannabis club are allowed to enter it. Yes, it’s critical a difference from the public coffeeshops in Amsterdam — people from the street will be denied in Barcelona. Club membership along with other requirements are necessary measures to be in line with the Spanish laws.

Who can become a member?

Besides the fact that citizens of Barcelona and residents of Spain can join cannabis clubs, tourists and city visitors are also permitted to become members of cannabis clubs in Barcelona. So, if you are 18 or 21+ years old, provide the address of the hotel/apartment you are staying in and demonstrate your identification card (ID, passport, driver's license, etc.), and pay a membership fee to join the cannabis club.

Why avoid cannabis promoters on the streets?

According to the Spanish laws any promotions, offerings, selling/buying cannabis and/or its products are prohibited and illegal. So, if you are invited to visits a "coffeeshop" or a "cannabis club" on the street – avoid such offering not to have problems with the law. It’s better to go to legal smoking clubs with a strong reputation and which are regulated by the government.

May I enter cannabis club without registration?

Being member-only organizations, cannabis clubs are closed for people from the street. This format allows weed cafes to legally operate.

Price of club membership

Depending on the chosen club, the price of the annual membership fee can range between €20-€50. Pay attention that all the payments are to be made with cash only (weed clubs in Barcelona don’t accept credit/debit cards).

Why should i show my ID?

It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or an already registered member, it’s a MUST to provide your ID to enter the club. To comply with the KYC rule, the clubs must verify your identity before letting you in or granting membership.

Weed clubs assortment

One of the biggest advantages of cannabis clubs is the wide assortment of weed products of high quality. Thus, you can find a wide choice of strains, concentrates, wax, extracts, gadgets, vape pens products, and tools, and many other items are included in the menu of Spanish clubs.

What to do when I entered the club?

All the guests of a weed club in Barcelona come to the establishment to have a rest and enjoy their time. So, just don't bother anyone and be positive, respecting the privacy of other visitors. In case you want to take pictures inside the club, then ask whether it is allowed or not.

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